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Services Provided:
We provide a variety of services, including traditional accounting, payroll, tax planning/preparation and business consulting/planning.

Our Services

Traditional Accounting

Payroll Services

Tax Planning/Preparation       
Business Consulting
- Loan Covenant compliance
- Personnel policy manual creation/update
- Workers compensation and            unemployment claim management
- 401k and profit sharing plan review
- Auto/Liability/Workers Compensation
- Umbrella/Property
- Employee Liability/Officers/Directors
- Health/dental/disability/life

Business Planning
- Design,implementation and review
- Articles of incorporation
- FEIN and state registration
Industries Supported:

Benefits of using our Services

-Employee to Employee sharing of confidential                   information is avoided

Timely Information


Quality Service
-We pick up and deliver our work or perform our services on site
-We come to you for meetings and reviews
-We look for ways to help you improve your   business
-We refer your business to our customers and         other contacts



Time savings
-More time for you to do what you do best
-Fewer employees to manage
-Reduced employee expenses/benefits to                           monitor
-Less worry time, because you know you’re                       being taken care of

Cost Savings
-Less staff and related expenses
-Reduced office space needed or more space                     available
-Our low overhead equates to better than                           competitive rates
-Our fees for a service are all inclusive
-You know in advance what your expenses are                   going to be